Authorization Program and Unilateral Price Policy

Cedar Authorization Program and a Unilateral Price Policy, effective November 1, 2018.  

In order to ensure Cedar Electronics (“Cedar”) resellers are able to sustain healthy margins on our Cobra and Escort products and ensure that our end-users are being provided a quality sales experience and customer support, Cedar has announced an Authorization Program and a Unilateral Price Policy, effective November 1, 2018.

Authorization Program

In order to sell Cedar products, you MUST become a Cedar Authorized Reseller. To become an authorized reseller click here.

Should you choose not to accept Cedars’ invitation to become an Authorized Reseller, you will no longer be permitted to sell Escort and Cobra Products.  Cedar will take all steps necessary to protect the integrity of its Authorization Program, including pursuing unauthorized resellers that continue to sell Cedar Products without its permission.

Unilateral Price Policy

Cedar has also announced a Unilateral Price Policy.   The Unilateral Price Policy sets forth the list of recommended price points at which we believe our products should be advertised in order for resellers to enjoy a sustainable margin while simultaneously providing the high-quality level of customer service and support end-users of our products have come to expect.  However, all resellers remain free to choose their own advertised and resale prices.

Cedar is fully committed to protect and promote its vital reseller network and please reach out to your Cedar sales representative or contact us at for further information or click here to start the authorization portal.


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